Sanlan Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary

The privately-owned 501c3 organization covers nearly 130 acres of undeveloped landscape and is said to rival many state parks in terms of its natural beauty. On the south, the property is bounded by Banana Lake, home to water birds, ospreys, and even bald eagles. This area is included annually in the Audubon bird count, so bird watchers take note!

Hiking is a great exercise with a wide range of benefits: stronger muscles, denser bones, improved heart and lung heath, and mental benefits from being in a natural environment! Other nature attractions include:

  • Butterfly garden
  • 7 miles of meandering nature trails
  • 8 bodies of water on premises
  • SANLAN TRAILS: In this high tech society we live in you may want to use the map feature on your cell phone and the trail map download link below to keep you located. Most devices show the lakes, waterways, etc. & exactly where you are plus you have the security of having a phone. The trails may be closed after a storm or heavy rain event. Remember you are in “the wild” in Florida and bugs, birds, snakes, alligators & other wildlife may be present. Keep your distance from any natural wildlife as they can be aggressive in their native surroundings. You can’t get lost unless you leave the trail….if you feel uncomfortable, you can always return to camp by going back the way you came.

Roseate Spoonbill